Core Business


Development of Natural and Synthetic Antivirus Materials Using Artificial Intelligence Technology

1. R&D Objective

BOSON Bioscience is exploring and excavating synthetic and natural materials using artificial intelligence technology to develop treatments for viral diseases. In addition, if prior research proves safe and effective treatment options, a rapid regulatory process is used to design a wide range of options for clinical verification. In addition, we are building a broad portfolio of antiviral drugs and focusing our efforts on research that can respond to unpredictable viruses.

2. R&D Performances

The researchers of BOSON Bioscience began research on the development of treatments for African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) and Rhinovirus in 2010 and are conducting efficacy and safety tests on candidate substances (BS-C19) that are effective for COVID-19 in 2020.
In addition, we conducted a joint study on herpes and coronavirus with researchers from Korea University and Chungbuk National University's College of Pharmacy. Based on this, we are planning to apply for a pre-qualification examination in 2020 and obtain certification in 2021. BOSON Bioscience will strive for a healthier life for humanity through its ability to develop world-class treatments.


Fermentation technology

Manufacture technology for Candida Bombicola Forment

Medicine application for BS-H20, Herpes

AI+Bio Convergence Technology

Exploring and Testing Natural Materials Using AI Technology

BS-C19, COVID-19 Antivirus Treatment Development Application

BS-V20, development and application of flu antiviral drugs